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We offer ready-to-assemble decoration solutions, in a 100% Online service.

Why Us?

At EasyDecor we create unique online experiences, through exclusive, functional and engaging projects.

We discover decoration solutions ready to be assembled.

It has never been easier to become a professional.

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The Right Place for your Imagination.

We offer ready-to-assemble decoration solutions, in a 100% online service, through exclusive, functional and engaging projects. 


50% lower than the market prices, choose an innovative way of NEW.

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Our Design Philosophy

What we need from you, to give you what ever you need.


Show us your space by taking some photos and measeurments of the room to decorate.


Receive a costumized solution, as a result of an engaging 100% online experience.


Talk to us about your ideas, needs and restrictions.

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We transform the Interior Design service into an truly experience.


We master the design requirements, suppliers and partners.


We analyze your request based on our extensive knowledge in design project and execution.


We support you side by side throughout the entire process, both in Purchase and Assembly.


We spend minimal environmental resources in the development of our work.


We create environment friendly solutions, also relying on the reuse and maintenance.

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 The BOX EasyDecor !

It includes a ready-to-assembled decoration solution, demonstrated in 3D images projected by professional designers, with parts and furniture that can be found in local stores.


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