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Todos os Designers de Interiores deviam estar em Milão

Porque está a decorrer a Milan Design Week.

Confesso que estou ruída por não ter ido este ano, mas são artigos como este que me vão tranquilizando porque trazem esta semana do design internacional até mim, com uma qualidade de experiência de leitura tão grande que a minha inveja de quem está lá se vai apaziguando.

Transcrevo os primeiros parágrafos e imagens, para vos fazer saltar para o artigo original. Leiam o artigo completo porque é mesmo muito interessante.

Google’s Milan show was emotionally painful – and that’s exactly what I liked about it, by RAB MESSINA e EDOARDO DELILLE.

MILAN – Google’s exhibition during this year’s Milan Design Week sounded innocent enough. VP of Design Ivy Ross and her team would be using a wearable armband to measure the body’s reactions to conceived spaces, and use that data to determine which home environments make visitors feel more at ease.

What I got, instead, was a class in socioeconomic conditioning.

In Latin America, where I’m originally from, post-colonialism is alive and well. The Spaniards and the Portuguese left behind a human Pantone scale that, while not as (ahem) black-and-white as the divisions seen in the American South and South Africa, does create invisible lines that keep darker-skinned individuals from shopping, lounging, eating or just being in certain beautifully designed spaces.


Why would my body equate ease with dislike? Because my mind knew something my biodata didn’t: as a mixed-race Latin American woman, I have been conditioned to not feel comfortable in elegantly considered spaces. That’s where the white elite belongs. Not me.

My mind knew something my biodata didn’t

Sadder even is the reason why my physiological responses flatlined in the second room: as I didn’t find the décor as enticing to my self-professed elegantly considered interests, I mentally checked out. The laughable design snob I carry inside thought this room was beneath me.



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