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Casas de Alpedrinha | Nature & Heritage

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

A new Rural Accommodation Tourist Development "Casas de Alpedrinha, Nature & Heritage" has been reborn, offering 10 Villas, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Bar and Terrace, Tennis Court and Grocery store with the support of our knowledge in Space Design and New Business Concepts , and our EasyDecor Service. The beginning of the enterprise dates back to the 50's and there are already 3 generations of the owner family who take care of this project. It is for this reason much more than a tourism project since it contributes to the preservation and occupation of the territory in which it is located, Vila de Alpedrinha, considered blessed. It was on the basis of a proposal prior to ours that we started the development of the renovation project for the entire Enterprise, contrasting it. We started with the applicability of our new methodologies and work process, based on analysis methodologies and profile construction. We are responsible for proposing the new brand, identifying and characterizing profiles and target segments, advising and supporting the desire to use local heritage and natural products, both for the adaptability of the new business tourism model and for the replacement. of the property's various immovable resources as in the choice of the facade's color of the complex, based on the cherry color for which the area is known, either through the decoration oriented to the identified profiles.

EasyDecor & New Business Concepts

It was from the observation of bojardas granite stones, a remarkable manual work that characterizes a large part of the enterprise, that the Logo was born and from the taking over of the set of Houses and Vila that we gave the name to the new brand.

The Alpedrinha Pool bar building, as it is called by local people, designed by Architect Keil do Amaral, now has a new color, applied over the electric blue it held, and takes on the color of the local cherry chosen in detail. through the observation of the various shades of this cherry fruit included in the property.

We understand that the proposal had to assume a large part of the existing one, praising it, since the owner had the idea of ​​making a controlled investment, supported by his experience as a builder, administration and direct reconstruction. Thus, having as reference the enormous quantity of valuable local natural products, we proposed the EasyDecor Service to create the new renovation layouts for the 10 Houses that were subsequently executed by the owner. Here we present one of the examples of the 10 pallets proposed for the LifeLike profile and one of the Houses and the final product achieved.

A project that is a legacy of several generations. Visit and book one of these houses for yourself and spend some wonderful days away from the city revelry! There are 10 houses with a unique panoramic view, well located on the hillside of the protected landscape of Serra da Gardunha.


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