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Comfy and Cozy Working areas - some tips.

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

During these days when we visited the few houses of our friends, we noticed that we could give a good professional approach in the creation of more comfortable Areas and Work Rooms.

So we decided to write a little about the first steps to take.

Having rooms or work areas makes all the difference for those who want to focus as much as possible on this task. Especially nowadays, when studying in a library, for example, is not recommended. To create a room or area for this purpose, factors such as lighting, ventilation, colors and noise must be taken into account. This is because they have a great influence on productivity. Therefore, this corner must be strategically planned. Following a few tips will prevent tiredness, fatigue and restlessness from interfering with concentration and performance. Read on and find out what these tips are!

Working Rooms and home offices: Learn strategic tips

Working from home is not the easiest task, if it is not your normal. There are many distractions, which ends up interfering with performance and, consequently, with the effectiveness of learning. For this reason, a well-designed work corner at the desk can help to maintain focus and concentration in the hours set aside for completion. Want to know how to create the ideal space to study? We tell you below!

1. The first step: choosing the environment

For those who have a large house and an extra bedroom, it is much easier to define this space, because it is enough to adapt this division of the house, buy suitable furniture and create the environment even if it needs some planning. However, most people live in houses with no extra rooms and it is necessary to use creativity to be able to set up work areas that are cozy and efficient. It is more common for this corner to be in the bedroom, as it is a more intimate and reserved environment. These characteristics favor the moments when we need more concentration. However, if there is no space in the bedroom, another viable option is the living room, such as places for the dining room, corners of the living room, among others. It is possible to adapt environments with shelves, tables that served as support, for example.

2. The value of the ilumination

Desk work rooms need to have a lighting project developed in the right measure. Too much light can tire the eyes and too little light can hinder concentration and reading. The ideal is to make a combination of both natural and artificial light. Therefore, when choosing the place to set up this space, choose to do it near a window. It is also essential to use a lamp, as this object will better direct the lighting, bringing greater visual comfort, especially for those who work at night.

3. Thermal Comfort

In addition to having natural light, the windows have another function: ventilation, now so important. Having an airy space with good air circulation is important to make the space more pleasant and safe. And in addition, the environment is more conducive to those who spend hours sitting in front of books and / or computers.

4. Choosingthe right furniture

It is clear that the functionality cannot be ignored, and who will play this role are the pieces that make up the space. In addition to a table that arranges the materials suitable for your ergonomics, the choice of the chair also makes all the difference. If possible, invest in height-adjustable models and arm rests, because these options help ensure correct posture and prevent future back pain. Also invest in shelves that will help in the organization of support material, such as magazines, books, documents and stationery that may be needed during working hours. The arrangement of the furniture should facilitate access to the necessary objects during that period and also to the electrical connections that the work requires today, such as the possibility of keeping the cell phone and computer battery chargers connected. Finally, choose decorative objects and accessories that have to do with your style, to bring your personality to your environment. An inviting, well-organized and well-tended work area will be the incentive that was lacking to be able to work with greater taste. A small flower arrangement always represents a bit of freshness and the friendliness of Nature that we now value so much.

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