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New Year, New Life - 10 Small Shopping Ideas for a New Home Touch.

EasyDecor_10 Ideias para mudar a casa
Have you ever thought that the turning of a year is the right time to give your home a new look? Get inspired and choose some of these useful and creative little ideas that are sure to please. Sometimes small changes bring big improvements!

10 ideas that will be successful in a small change at home New house is also synonymous with new decor. Anyone who has just moved in certainly wants to decorate new furniture and objects to add to the ones he keeps, but he can also make small changes in the house he lives in. To feel that little satisfaction, the choice is not always easy. In fact, with so much information the task can be a little more challenging than it looks at first. So we propose that in the following tips always apply a very simple rule: choose something that combines creativity and functionality. It is a practical way to always please.

1 - Wine cellar Are you a wine lover? Then choose a wine cellar that matches your style. Models to store one or three bottles are the most common and easy to compose in the decoration. 2 - Bathroom kit For those who like to receive friends, it is always good to have a bathroom kit available. Thus, the space for visits is well organized, fragrant, beautiful and elegant. The recommendation is to bet on two towels, an air freshener, a liquid soap and a moisturizer. If you want to complement the set, put everything on a beautiful tray, which will also serve to decorate the bathroom.

3 - Photos No matter the style of the house, it only becomes a home when there are photographs and memories scattered throughout the rooms. Therefore, photographs are an excellent addition to the new home. If you have a photo of your loved one, put it in the frame to guarantee a personalized treat and it always becomes another offer, although Christmas has already passed, it will always be on time.

4 - An EasyDecor project There is no mistake when purchasing a custom design for that new home space. It is possible to provide this treat through our EasyDecor Service. There are 4 options to choose from and the service is 100% online. You receive your complete personalized project, which includes a shopping list for your assembly, without errors. 5 - Custom entrance mat A welcome mat is a good way to welcome guests into the new home, but also to welcome us every day. How about choosing a customized version? You can buy a neutral model and print a phrase or design that suits you.

6 - Glasses A few cups with good ergonomics are excellent options to have, even if you already have some. After all, there is always a different model that will shine in the closet. There are international brands that have specific pieces for each type of wine grape. Glasses for beer, sparkling wine and liqueurs are always useful as well. Think about what you offer your friends the most.

7 - Scented candles One of the most appreciated pieces in the decor market is aromatized candles. They have a light and lasting perfume and, in large models, can be used several times. In addition, they help to create an atmosphere of good energy within the new house. It will be a success to have in the new house, without a doubt.

8 - Serving set Another good tip for the new home is a serving set, especially for those who love to be hosts. The ideal is to be adapted to the size of the existing table or that you will acquire. That way, you decide on the amount you need and you can still purchase a towel. They will even be able to use it, on the first special day at the new house!

9 - Jars for groceries The jars are never too many, they serve to keep the kitchen organized and at the same time can complete the decoration. They are simple but very useful acquisitions, especially if they are made of glass or tin and have great durability. 10 - Flowers There is no one who does not smile at the flowers! They brighten the house and add color and life to any environment. Flowers are symbols of affection and tenderness. It is worth betting on any species that fills your eyes, from orchids to field flowers. Images used belong to Serviço EasyDecor, El Corte Inglês, Ecolove Scentsacions.

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