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Interiors Design: What if it was possible to have the project online?

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

Styling a home is an easy task! Just choose the furniture and objects that best match your style, right? Wrong!

It is necessary to evaluate the size of the place, find the best layout for the furniture, and make the decoration work in a harmonious and fluid way. Hence the importance of hiring an interior design service. Due to the pandemic, many had to take a break from renovation projects. But did you know that it is possible to have your interior design project developed 100% online? To find out how this is possible, continue reading this article and discover the advantages of decorating your home with a professional.

Interiors Design: Why should you have this help? When we talk about design or interior decoration, it is common for many to think that the function of this professional is limited to decoration. However, this is far from being true. In fact, the choice of coverings, colors and finishes are also part of the project. But that is not all. The professional is able to organize flows, elements to be arranged in the space and study the behavior of residents. The goal is that everything is optimized, combining design, comfort and practicality. Below are other reasons why you should hire this service.

1 - Adequate decoration for the space Who has never been dazzled by that decoration program that presented a beautiful project, and wanted to reproduce it at home? It is interesting to be inspired by projects that please you, but you have to do it according to your reality. All projects have limitations, whether in terms of physical structure or other factors. The interior designer will be able to determine which goals are realistic and which should be set aside. In addition, it will inform you of possible problems before starting any work or purchase. 2 - Saving money Contrary to what many people think, when hiring an interior designer, the client will be able to save a lot in remodeling. This is because the experienced professional will know how to make the best use of all resources. This one knows the suppliers with the best cost vs. benefit, know where it is worth investing and when to save. This way you can balance spending according to your needs. 3 - Can you see the full potential of space When it comes to your space, design professionals see not only the limits, but also the potential. It is easy to get used to a furniture plan or functional layout in your space or to think that there are no better options. But trained eyes can help you see possibilities that may not have been considered. Whether you are planning a major renovation or just renovating a space, a design professional can help you make the most of your home.

About EasyDecor: Your decoration project online

As we mentioned, with the pandemic many people were forced to take a break from renovation projects. But, with EasyDecor it is possible to resume plans and leave the house full of style to start the next year in the best way.

EasyDecor provides an interior design service online, combining innovation and convenience. And, it leaves nothing to be desired in the quality of the service, since it has a team of experienced Designers and Architects.

The process of creating the project is all done collaboratively with customers, so that the spaces are to your liking. Just send photos and measurements of the place you want to renew, inform the objectives of your project and what is the available budget. From then on you will be in contact with the professionals who will develop the project, always adapting it the way you want. At the end, you receive the personalized project in 3D images with the list of products and services.

There are 4 options of solution plans (Basic, Classic, Double and Deluxe) in order to meet the most varied needs, and payment possibilities. Operating in an innovative way since 2010, the EasyDecor team has a portfolio of sensational projects. Do not postpone your renovation any more, visit our website and discover everything we have to offer.

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