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Entrance hall: Should you invest in decoration or not?

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

As it is not exactly a living space, the question is whether to invest in the decoration of the entrance hall. We anticipate that the answer to this question is: yes!

This is because this division is the space that will transmit the welcome message. When someone arrives and we open the door, this is the first place that will be seen. Therefore, the decoration, composition and scenery needs to reflect a little of your style, personality and taste.

To know the decoration tips, read on and stay up to date with the main trends!

Entrance Hall: 5 decorating tips that will make it an inviting and cozy space As we said before, the entrance hall is the business card of your home, more luxurious or more practical, it does not matter. For this reason, great care and attention is needed when designing and organizing the space, and thus ensuring a good harmony between the environments.

A seguir apresentamos 5 dicas que vão ajudar a planear a decoração deste ambiente.

1. The ideal colors This is the space where you will receive the guests, so it should impress and at the same time be inviting. In this sense, it is recommended to choose neutral colors, because they look good with everything, they are timeless, elegant and please all tastes. In addition, the earthy tones, which are warm, some wooden items, or a natural element, provide a greater sense of comfort.

2. Choose furniture correctly In addition to being welcoming, the hall must also be functional. It is important to choose furniture that at the same time allows circulation and serves as storage space. Some of the most important pieces of furniture are a cloakroom or hooks to leave the coats, a dresser or sideboard. Of course, they must follow the decor style of the rest of the house. And if the space is relatively large, you can place an armchair to compose the space. A shoe rack can also be a good addition, especially if it has a carpet along the floor. Having this piece of furniture will also help to keep the house clean and shoes tidy. 3. Lighting is key The lighting should be inviting, as the hall aims to awaken the desire to enter and feel at home. In this sense, it is recommended to use lamps with yellowish and soft light, which are more pleasant and convey the feeling of comfort. Indirect lights embedded in the ceiling or in niches and openings in the wall are beautiful and make a good impression. Sconces, pendants and chandeliers have the same effect and still serve as a decorative piece. 4. Choose decorating accessories The decoration of the hall represents a preview of the rest of the house. Therefore, accessories must be chosen in order to harmonize the space with the rest of the home. Bet on original objects that reflect the personality of the residents. Pictures, photographs, sculptures and vases with flowers are always great for composing any decoration.

5. Remember that space can be “expanded” If you have a small entrance hall it is important to choose the decoration of the space very well so that it does not convey the feeling of a narrow and crowded place. To give amplitude to small halls, the ideal is to use mirrors, crystals, or bronzes that are on the rise. Another important aspect is the height of the ceiling, the so-called ceiling height. A good tip for circumventing lower ceilings is to use designs with vertical lines on the walls and lighter lighting. Therefore, increasing the feeling of space. Get inspired by these tips and invest in the decoration of your lobby. Your home will be even more inviting and cozy when receiving visitors.

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