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Back at home in the mood to change it? Get inspired by these 7 trends for 2021

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

Joana Beirão Blog
Who said that interior decoration does not suit trends?

Who said that interior decoration does not suit trends? The truth is that taking into account the current reality, home decor trends for 2021 arrive with a focus on sustainable decoration and architecture alternatives.

There are several changes compared to previous years. So, to stay abreast of all the details about decoration and design that will be on the rise next year, read on, and get to know them!

Home decor: Meet the 7 biggest trends for 2021 Taking care of the decoration of the house is one of the most pleasant phases after the purchase or renovation of the property. However, the construction sector is also constantly changing and presents new concepts of environments and designs for houses. Therefore, we decided to bring together the 7 main trends in home decor for 2021. That way, you can discover the news that best match your home.

1 - Multifunctional environments The organization of environments in open and wide concepts with space separations made through the furniture itself will be remarkable. Through this scheme, it will be possible to build multifunctional spaces, where it is possible to connect the living room with the dining room, for example. And even with this connection, it is possible to clearly visualize each space, transmitting a feeling of spaciousness without walls separating the environments.

2 - Industrial style The industrial style has gained prominence in the world of decoration, and has attracted the attention of interior designers and property owners. This home decor trend takes advantage of existing spaces very well. We have as an example the concepts of open space that are transformed into comfortable and modern lofts to live or work. Asymmetrical shapes in decorative objects, as well as in the composition of furniture, project the association of iron, aluminum, iron and recycled plastic. This results in a reduction in construction costs.

3 - Minimalist decoration Minimalism returns in force in 2021! Taking into account the concept of sustainability, environments are designed in a concept that values ​​the maxim that “less is more”. With basic spaces and a cleaner style, custom-made furniture is preferred in this new concept. This occurs because they allow the best use of space.

4 - Indoor plants Although they are already much appreciated in more modern decoration projects, plants gain even more strength for home decor in 2021. Including a little green and nature in the spaces of the house can act as a break in the monochromatic decoration. And, at the same time, it continues to respect the valorization of the natural.

5 - Smart houses The technology has already been introduced in homes for some time. But it is only now that the adoption of various technological elements is more intensified. With several new features in home automation to be launched on the market, the trend is for homes to become more and more technological. The so-called “smart houses” provide more comfort and practicality to the lives of residents. In addition, they contribute to sustainability as they help to control water and energy through automation of controls. 6 - Monochromatic spaces For those who want a more classic and sophisticated style, but at the same time want a bold touch in the environment, a strong trend is to use monochromatic decoration. Through the famous “ton sur ton”, or tone on tone. The monochrome is in high, but betting on intense colors or the new neutral tones is one of the easiest ways to renew the style of an existing environment. With small details, it can bring a new personality to the space.

7 - Crafts And speaking of decorative objects, another trend for 2021 is the handmade decoration items. This is because the handcrafted pieces value simplicity, rustic and natural elements that will be on the rise. For this, you can bet on wall hangings, objects with natural fabric and wooden items, for example. The authentic aspect of the handcrafted pieces gives a personalized touch to the decoration, creating a unique environment, with exclusive pieces and without spending a lot. Did you like the new trends? Then start the renovation project for that space by following our tips on what will be on the rise in home decor in 2021.


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