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Back to Work and School

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

Every year, the return to routine at this time represents the beginning of a new stage normally desired. The time after vacation always requires an effort of a new adaptation, either because we had a long time of rest, or for lack of it.

This year, given the extremely situation we are experiencing, this return is more demanding and challenging, either because we are going to return to work at home, or because we are forced to leave it.

To make this time more peaceful, helping with the integration of children in school or with a new work space for everyone, we created the EasyDecor Campaign "Back to School and Work" in force until September 30th.

With an EasyDecor Classic for Kids Room or Office, we offer 50% of an Easydecor Basic for the Hall. Enjoy or share with a friend who is in need!

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